Greetings From

Greetings From

A biweekly podcast by Rebecca Fay, Olivia Quinn and Tyler Smith about what they are playing, what is new in the world of video games, and how they are getting through the week.

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    Greetings From 4: My 4 Dads (Lost Episode)

    It's a blast from the past as we pull a lost episode out of the vaults. Listen to our intrepid podcasters talk about Captain Spirit, Papa & Yo, God of War (2018), and much more.

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    Greetings From 3: The Mr. Mime Minit

    In the third stupefying episode of Greetings From we talk about Pikachu skin, DeltaRune dreams, Minits gone by, cults that we wish we could simulate and much more.

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    Greetings From 1: Big Marston Energy

    We finally made our first episode! Listen to us talk about Skyrim for Switch, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and Red Dead Redemption.